That face.

That face is going to the vet on Thursday. I’m glad though because we scheduled it early enough to take her to the dog park, etc. while it’s light out so it’ll be a fun day for Pickles!



I will get better at updating photos on here as well… she even has a fancy new rain coat, which apparently will come in handy this weekend as they are reporting we might even get snow!

testing out the lifejacket!

We took a trip to California for a little vacation and dropped Pickles off at the grandparents house on the way down! She had almost a week of running around with the big dogs and becoming one of the pack. She LOVED it!

And the best part? They have a pool that’s deep enough to try out Pickles’ new lifejacket! And she can swim! It was the cutest thing too because her ears float on the water…

Almost as hilarious, is that you can’t actually pick her up like most dogs because she’s too long! her back feet are still on the ground! I couldn’t even handle it…!

Video Chat!

I got to see my two favorite faces yesterday via video chat for the first time since I have been here! I was so excited, even though I think it freaked Pickles out a little… she just kept whining and barking and looking around! It was so great though and made me feel a lot better.

I’m having a blast, but can’t wait to get home on Thursday!

I miss that face…

I am currently on a 12 day trip through SE Asia for work, and was so excited when I saw these photos were still on my camera from the day I left!

Did I mention that I miss that second one too? Well I do… lots! Halfway home!

my little monster

I’m going to miss that face while I’m gone!

Sometimes I forget how little she was!

I love that we made sure to video moments like this so I can get all mushy and happy even on bad days with 11 seconds of Baby Pickles!